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Whimsy Picnic Co.

Introducing Lexi Christine and Christine Amelia, the creative minds behind Whimsy Picnic Co., an event company headquartered in Castle Rock. Specializing in crafting cozy and visually stunning picnic experiences, they create enchanting setups with blankets, cushions and charming decor, both indoors and outdoors. Their focus is on fostering a magical atmosphere where guests can unwind, enjoy good company, and indulge in delicious food – all while being surrounded by a beautiful environment.

Christine and Lexi, both running their own businesses, became friends at their kids’ preschool in August 2023. They started taking Friday walks together, bonding over shared values and a love for entrepreneurship. Through these conversations, the idea of starting a business together began to take shape.
After countless discussions and late-night brainstorming sessions filled with excitement and enthusiasm, the idea for Whimsy Picnic Co. was born. Inspired by their love for bringing people together and creating joyful experiences, Christine and Lexi envisioned a company that offered personalized, boho-style picnics tailored to each client’s desires. For Christine, the journey was fueled by a passion for community and a desire to spread happiness. “We both love being around others and find joy in making others happy,” she shared.

Months of dedicated relationship-building have crafted their company into the unique experience it is today. In addition to unforgettable events, they provide extra touches that elevate each occasion. From a professional photographer to capture every moment to custom apparel and accessories that dazzle guests, a dedicated jewelry artist for private parties, and a mobile bar specialist for signature drinks, the options are endless. Add to that a licensed cosmetologist for beauty and hair needs, as well as charcuterie and dessert specialists, and much more to enhance your event.

Lexi shared what sets them apart from their competitors: “It is the people we have partnered with,” she emphasized. “Each is a woman-owned business who we click with and have the same vision, “she said. They also collaborate with realtors, offering various packages from open house setups to closing gifts, all of which are detailed on their website.

The possibilities are limitless when it comes to creativity. Whether it’s exploring an artistic side at a paint and sip night or engaging in friendly competition during game night, there’s something for everyone. For those seeking romance, Whimsy Picnic Co. offers enchanting options such as proposals, date nights, and intimate weddings or vow renewals officiated by an ordained minister. From mom’s night to birthday parties and bachelorette bashes, every event is infused with creativity and passion.
Behind the scenes, the team works tirelessly to coordinate every aspect of your event, from contacting vendors to scheduling services and ordering materials. Every detail, from table runners to dinnerware, food, and drinks, is meticulously curated and planned to ensure seamless execution on the day of the event.











“I want each customer to feel like we are their event besties, and that their event is the only one in the world to us as we continue to expand,” said Lexi. “Our community can trust us to not only create an unforgettable experience but also pour our hearts, knowledge, partnerships and passion into each event. I look forward to not only growing our company, but also expanding our partnerships and showcasing even more talent from our community!”

Christine emphasized the company’s dedication to giving back to the community in any way possible. By actively participating in local events and chambers, Whimsy Picnic Co. aims to strengthen its ties with the community while creating beautiful custom gatherings for both adults and children. This commitment to community involvement sets the foundation for their future endeavors.

As Whimsy Picnic Co. looks ahead, Lexi envisions an evolution with a focus on expanding ideas, partnerships and relationships. By building upon current connections and establishing new ones, the company aims to ensure that its growth remains inclusive and collaborative.At the core of Whimsy Picnic Co.’s vision, each customer is valued and cherished, treated as a close friend, with their unique vision and needs prioritized.

The future of Whimsy Picnic Co. is bright and promising, driven by a dedication to community, creativity and collaboration. Christine and Lexi invite the community to join their journey, where every gathering is an opportunity to create enchanting moments and unforgettable memories.

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By Dani Salas





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