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May Dear Mrs. A

Dear Mrs. A,

Is it ever appropriate to text a thank you for a wedding gift?

– Wondering in Winterberry


Dear Wondering in Winterberry,

Wedding season is upon us. Mrs. A. is completely old-fashioned, and she is quite emphatic when it comes to these things. So, you may be surprised that in some cases, yes, you can text a thank you.

I believe if you receive a gift in person and thank the giver personally you are forgiven all other basic obligations. You can go above and beyond by sending a secondary thank you (these are always well received) via any format you choose, including a text. Mrs. A believes handwritten notes are exceptional!

All of this to say, weddings are a category on their own. I always say: a no to the invitation is a decision, but a yes is an obligation. By saying yes, the guest is now obligated to show up, be engaging (if not adorable) and with gift in hand (or ordered from couple’s registry). There are potentially even more obligations, such as buying a formal outfit or traveling to a destination wedding.

Thus, because of the necessary effort put forth by a wedding guest, thank you notes for wedding attendance and gifts should be in writing, on paper and sent through the mail.

But I guess a thank-you text is better than nothing at all…

Big Love,

Mrs. A




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