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Meow Wolf exhibition comes to Denver and it is Meow WOW

By Hollen Wheeler; courtesy photos

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Photo of Meow Wolf’s new Denver exhibit, “Convergence Station,”

Meow Wolf’s new Denver exhibit, “Convergence Station,” is a 4-story display with more than 70 unique and surreal installations and portals.

It’s art. It’s urban. It’s weird. It’s amazing. And it’s opening in Denver on September 17.

Meow Wolf, an arts and entertainment collaboration, is a transformative and surreal experience where visitors tour mind-bending “rooms” or installations with interpretation left to the individual’s imagination.

The first Meow Wolf exhibition launched in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2016; the second opened in Las Vegas, Nevada earlier this year, and downtown Denver will be the third location at 1338 1st Street. Each of the three cities has its own unique exhibition.

Three years in the making, the Denver Meow Wolf team met with more than 110 Colorado artists in addition to community influencers to create the Denver exhibit: “Convergence Station,” a 4-story display with more than 70 unique installations and portals.

“Our work is a combination of jungle gym, haunted house, children’s museum and immersive art exhibit.” – Meow Wolf

In conjunction with the Convergence Station build, Meow Wolf developed a fairground attraction at Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park. Kaleidoscope, the name of the ride, is not a traditional roller coaster per se, but an odyssey into various portals of art and science. When Kaleidoscope opened in 2019, it was named in USA Today and LA Times as “One of the Top 10 Most Anticipated New Rides in 2019.”

The history of Meow Wolf began in Santa Fe in 2008. At the first meeting, two names were pulled from a hat to establish its eclectic name. A collective of “dumpster divers” and DIY artists, the founders wanted to create something unique with a mission to compensate artists equivalently to other skilled professionals and to be a force of social impact in the communities where they create.

Today, Meow Wolf has more than 200 employees and is registered as a “benefit corporation,” more commonly referred to as “B Corp.” A certified B Corp is a business that meets high standards of environmental and social performance, exhibits financial transparency, and has a mission to balance purpose and profit.

Convergence Station tickets are currently available online: general admission tickets are $45; tickets for children (ages 5-13), seniors and military are $40. And for those who enjoy a relaxed art pace, there is no time limit to the experience. For more information, visit



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