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Modern spin on restaurant nights

By Julie Matuszewski; photo courtesy of Laura Rosenberg

Photo of Buffalo Ridge Elementary co-fundraising chair Laura Rosenberg

Buffalo Ridge Elementary co-fundraising chair Laura Rosenberg gives Modern Plate the thumbs up for the convenience of a delicious chef-crafted family meal.

Busy days deserve great food. Buffalo Ridge Elementary (BRE) implemented a new spin on the familiar school fundraising restaurant nights. Partnering with Modern Plate, a locally-owned business, BRE families and friends were able to buy a variety of family-style, chef-created meals delivered directly to their doorsteps by the end of the day. Parent Teacher Organization co-chairman Laura Rosenberg learned about the meal delivery service through the Village Stingrays swim team.

According to Rosenberg, BRE was looking to raise additional funds for the school, and Modern Plate was the perfect fit with the ease of online ordering and meal delivery convenience it provided.

Delivered meals arrived on family doorsteps completely cooked with generous portions, side dishes and cookie dough for a sweet dessert. The packaged meals offered busy families a dinner of convenience simply by warming and serving their delicious meal. Not only did this new fundraiser give 10% back to BRE, but it also bought back time for busy families on the go.



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