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Not the usual puppy park

Two dogs patiently kept their owner company outside Wetzel’s Pretzels in Park Meadows Retail Resort.

No time to walk your pup before running to the mall? Grab a leash, a few waste bags and take your furry friend with you.

Park Meadows Retail Resort (PM) is now 100% dog friendly, whether it is a service dog or simply a beloved family member.

PM made the changes at the beginning of 2024 and the word is: so far so good.

“Shoppers seem to really love being able to bring their fur babies to the mall. Our shoppers enjoy the convenience of not having to take their dogs home or leaving them in the car,” said Taylor Comer, media consultant for PM. Taylor shared that PM wants to make sure that shoppers know the mall is for them, and the goal is for the shopping experience to be truly unique and tailored to the interests and needs of the local community.

“Dogs are such a huge part of life here in Colorado, especially in the Park Meadows area,” added Taylor. “We pride ourselves on being a fun, family-friendly environment and besides, our dogs are family!”

So, shop away and socialize your pet next time you head to the park…Park Meadows, of course.


Article by Karen Leigh; photos courtesy of Park Meadows Retail Resort



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