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Taking A Closer Look at the Castle Pines Connection

by Terri Wiebold, editor

In reading the comments and questions from the hundreds of voluntary subscription response cards sent in by readers during the past few months, I have learned a lot about what you, our readers, want. I am reminded that community particpation and input are what shape The Castle Pines Connection, and we are listening. Thank you to all who sent in response cards; we have posted many of your comments on our website ( in the NEWS section under “letters to the editor” and “testimonials.”

One of the more unique questions you asked was, “What’s the stink with the ink?” Yes, the odor of the ink our former printer was using was a bit strong and even offensive to some. We have recently changed printers and hope you have noticed an overall improvement. We are continually striving to be better, and we always welcome your input.

We also had several inquiries about our distribution – who receives the paper, and how does someone get added to the list? The Castle Pines Connection is direct mailed to every home and business in the 80108 zip code. Beginning in June, all multi-family dwellings/apartments will be receiving the paper as well, increasing our distribution by more than 1,500 residences. If you live in 80108 and are not currently receiving a copy in the mail, please us at e-mail and we will make sure you receive a copy.

This helps everyone in the community stay better connected, and we hope it gives additional exposure to our loyal advertisers too. Advertising dollars are the sole funding source for the paper, and although we are committed to always having more content than ad space, we hope you appreciate the advertisers as much as we do. The next time you are shopping with one of our advertisers, please let them know you appreciate their participation in your community newspaper.

A fun fact you may not know about The Castle Pines Connection is that each and every story you read in the paper is also posted separately on our website. Often times, there are even additional photos and tidbits we didn’t have room to include in the printed publication. Links can easily be sent to family and friends to share your stories to a broader audience. There is also an electronic version of the entire paper each month, so you can go back and turn through the pages of the 48 issues we have produced to date.

Staying connected to our readers is important. Please join in the community conversation on Facebook and Twitter; sign up for e-mail alerts about important community information and updates; and check in on the website occasionally and see what’s new. This is your newspaper too! 



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