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Two generations of an out of sight business

The Grace family from left to right: Matt, Sarah, Braylee, Stephanie, Taylum, Kinsey, Kylie, Jordan, Crew and Joel. Out of Sight Closets and Garages was started 23 years ago by Joel and Stephanie.

The Grace family have a shared vision and passion for their local business, Out of Sight Closets and Garages, which helps the families of Castle Pines, Castle Rock and the surrounding areas organize their homes.

Joel Grace worked in the timber industry. After being transferred to Highlands Ranch in 1998, he decided he wanted to travel less and spend more time with his wife, Stephanie, and two young sons, Jordan and Matt. He learned about custom garage storage, then floor coating, and over the last 23 years he and Stephanie have expanded the business to include closets, pantries, offices, mudrooms, media rooms, playrooms and more. “I started a company not thinking I would be as busy as I was,” Joel recalled laughingly.

Jordan and Matt, now 32 and 29, grew up in the shop off Santa Fe Road helping with production when they were in elementary school and eventually spending Saturdays in the shop during high school. Everything is made in-house, adjacent to a showroom and office, using local suppliers.

Even though the boys grew up in the business, Joel said he and Stephanie encouraged them to leave the nest.

We told them to, “Go out on their own and see what they wanted to do. Go to college, find their thing,” Joel proudly remarked. “And they did, and they both ended up back here.”

A family business through and through, Jordan and Matt do “a bit of everything.” Stephanie has managed the books and payroll all these years and humbly added that she just did whatever else needed to be done. Matt’s wife, Sarah, is a designer for the company and Jordan’s wife, Kinsey, does the marketing. Despite working together, the Grace family still gets together regularly for family dinners. All of them talk of their employees like family.

Future plans include a transition of the business from one generation to the next. Jordan and Matt both shared how watching their parents work hard through “blood, sweat and tears” over the years has made them want to uphold all that their parents have built.

Matt shared, “It’s important to us to continue it.” The pride in their work, the importance of happy and repeat customers and the building of relationships are all evident. Clearly, Joel and Stephanie have set a very high bar in many ways.

The entire family loves the outdoors, including fly fishing, golf and hiking. They also enjoy camping which Matt said, “will start to get a lot more fun with the four grandkids.”

The family has their share of outdoor gear, which makes them understand the need for storage solutions. Joel explained that getting all the garage stuff “out of sight” was the original idea behind the business.

“You’d be surprised how much less stress you have when everything is organized, especially in the garage which is the main entrance people go through and see every day,” concluded Joel. Jordan added, “Except for your designer shoes; we don’t want those behind closed doors!”

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The Out of Sight Closets and Garages crew from left to right: Jordan, Luis, Alfredo, Kyle, Edgar and Matt. The crew installs custom storage solutions in local homes.


By Lisa Nicklanovich; photos courtesy of Joel Grace




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