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State Farm – Nick Ainsworth

A Salt-of-the-Earth Renaissance Man

The Ainsworth family on a trip to visit family in Salt Lake City, Utah for spring break last month.

Nick Ainsworth is an insurance agent, business owner and the quintessential Renaissance man. Under the banner of State Farm Insurance, Ainsworth hung out his shingle on Village Square Lane in January 2020 and the fledgling business has already garnered success. No surprise, Ainsworth’s history equates to an admirable work ethic, love for family and community.

Born and raised in Roosevelt, Utah, Ainsworth reminisced about his hometown, “5,000 people and five stoplights, a true salt-of-the-earth community.” His first job was delivering newspapers at age 11, and after high school, he worked three jobs while going to Weber State University in Ogden for a degree in radiology. He was a roofer during the work week, clocked in at Pizza Hut in the evenings, and worked maintenance at a golf course on the weekends.

Ainsworth eventually earned a second diploma in general science from Utah State University.

He met his wife, Christy, in high school but admitted he didn’t have the nerve to ask her out despite a history teacher’s encouragement. “I let him know that she was way out of my league,” Ainsworth said. “But I’m eternally grateful for finally getting up the courage.” The couple married in March 2007 and their boys, Brian (10) and John (8), were both born in Roosevelt.

Ainsworth’s career began in the oil and gas industry in the fields of Ouray, Utah. He was happy with the job and the salary and benefits allowed him to provide for his family. His promotion brought the Ainsworths to Colorado in 2014 and “our roots sank deeply upon landing in Castle Pines,” he said.

For several years, Ainsworth traveled extensively throughout the western U.S., Alaska and Texas as an operator optimizing oil fields, but the work and travel schedule was tough. “I realized two things,” he noted. “I wanted to be home every night with my wife and kids, and I wanted our home to stay right here in Castle Pines.”

After much soul searching, prayer, and research, Ainsworth pivoted to insurance in 2017. He worked as an understudy to another agent and began arduous preparation to open his own business. Christy stepped up to allow for the transition.

“Christy has always been the rock of our family and selflessly became the breadwinner as I began building my knowledge base,” he said.

With four employees, Ainsworth’s agency started with zero clients and today, insures 698 households. He is proud of the office culture and says they give “unparalleled effort” for their clients. His team has already received accolades from State Farm – the “Chairman’s Circle” level, which only 5% of the 19,500 agencies receive and the “Ambassador Club” status. The latter recognition rewarded the Ainsworths with a trip this coming summer.

When Ainsworth isn’t on the job, he enjoys playing golf and being with his family. “On the golf course is where my mind really clears and I get to relax,” he noted. Taking walks with Christy and their large dog, Otto, cooking and using the smoker are also some of Ainsworth’s pastimes. “Thanksgiving is my favorite,” he exclaimed. “It’s a whole event!”

Ainsworth in his first career as an oil and gas operator.

By Hollen Wheeler; photos courtesy of Nick Ainsworth




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