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Bunnies roam the fourth grade classrooms at Buffalo Ridge

The fourth grade bunnies at BRE are very well-loved and cared for by their students. From left to right are: Cuddles, Shadow, Skitter and Snickers.

By Jacob B., BRE Ridgeline staff reporter

The fourth grade teachers at Buffalo Ridge Elementary School (BRE) educate students about life science, habitats, animal behaviors, and animal structures. In the past, teachers have used crayfish and beetles to make the lessons real, but this year they decided to adopt four baby bunnies instead.

Mrs. Pinke’s class bunny is Shadow, Mr. Mizones’s class bunny is Skitter, Mrs. Jaramillo’s class bunny is Cuddles, and Mrs. Hartman’s class bunny is Snickers.  “They really like to get active and be held at least once a day. Ever since we got Shadow, she’s gotten bigger and needed a bigger cage,” said student, Kyle.

According to Mrs. Pinke, the students are learning about the bunnies’ habitats and needs for survival and how to care for animals.  “The students take 100 percent responsibility. They feed them, clean-up after them, hold them, and take them home on the weekends. Our families are very generous by bringing food and bedding for the bunnies,” she said.

Colin, a student said, “I’m learning that the bunnies are soft, they hop high, and they are different colors.”  When he holds Cuddles, Colin thinks he is so adorable and cute and it makes him feel like he’s the owner.  Colin added that all of the bunnies kind of get scared when people crowd them. “I think it would be awesome to be a bunny,” he said.  

Kyle said one of his funniest moments with Shadow was when he was trying to stop Shadow from getting out of the room and she got past him and went into Mrs. Jaramillo’s room while she had a substitute teacher. “I do know our class is happy that we got our bunny instead of another thing. When it is someone’s Shadow day, some people argue about who gets to hold her,” he said.

Learning about bunnies is very fun and everyone will always remember having them.  “The bunnies have become the fourth grade students’ highlight of the year,” said Mrs. Pinke. 



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