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Meet Hannah Shur

Hannah Shur is all smiles after completing her first book.

Meet 16-year-old Hannah Shur. Her parents, like most, are beyond proud of her. That is why they nominated her to be featured as a Talented Teen in The Castle Pines Connection.

Hannah not only excels in her classes at Colorado Early College, consistently earning credits for college, but excels in whatever she puts her mind to.

For the last few years, that mindset and passion has been focused on writing a novel. And that is what she has done. The first copy, her rough draft, is seen in the photo, as we sat down to chat at the Douglas County Libraries – Castle Pines.

What inspired her to write a book? She says it is the things that she believes are often missing in other books she reads. She says she knew if she created a story herself, from start to finish, it would be her own version of perfect. Hannah said, “I wanted to write about life and the afterlife. And that is what I did. I wrote a story about this guy who dies, gets to heaven, or not.”

It is called The Journey of Forever. Hannah said it took time and a lot of patience. “It is one of the first big achievements I did on my own. It is very important to me. For the past year and a half, I would just let it sit so I could look over it with fresh eyes occasionally. When I had an idea, I’d add it,” Hannah said.

Now that it is completed, she thinks it is an amazing story. The topic is serious, but she says it has funny moments as well. Hannah says it is meant to make us think twice about the choices we all make in our daily lives.

The next step is to have an editor look it over, then find a publisher who believes in her. Her goal is to be a published author by the time she graduates in 2024.

And then what? Hannah said being a published author is just one goal she has set out to accomplish. Her chosen career path is taking care of kids. Hannah is also setting her sights on becoming a pediatrician.

The first draft of Hannah Shur’s book – The Journey of Forever.

Article and photos by Karen Leigh




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