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Accomplices in the pageant experience

Taylor (left) and Corinne (right) Stordahl at the National American Miss Pageant earlier this year.

Article by Kathy Dunker with photo courtesy of the Stordahl family

Corinne Stordahl and older sister Taylor have something in common; they are sisters in pageants. After participating in the National American Miss Pageant earlier this year, 13 year old Taylor scored in the top 15 out of 115 girls in the 13 to 16 year old group, and Corinne, who turned 7 recently, was awarded Miss Colorado after participating in the 4 to 6 year old category.

The pageant judging is divided up as 30 percent formal wear, 30 percent the interview by judges, 30 percent the introduction speech, and 10 percent community service. With the award of Miss Colorado, Corinne will get to travel to California later this month during Thanksgiving week to participate in the pageant finals.

Corinne got highest score for her introduction which her sister, Taylor, helped her write. Included in her introduction was her desire to help kids succeed by being a teacher when she grows up, along with her love for swimming, soccer, and playing with friends. Corinne’s favorite part of the pageant was presenting her introduction as well as becoming closer friends with the former Miss Colorado.

Castle Pines businesses, Duke’s Restaurant and Castle Pines Orthodontics, sponsored both girls through the pageant which is based on inner beauty as well as poise, presentation, setting and achieving personal goals, and maintaining a good attitude about competition. Mom, Susie Stordahl, remarked, “It’s not about glitz. The younger girls are not allowed to wear make up at all. The interview and introduction helps the girls to build confidence. It’s a really great pageant!” 



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