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American Academy celebrates a significant graduation milestone

This May, half of AA’s graduating eighth grade class finished
its entire elementary education at the school.

By Lynne Marsala Basche; photo courtesy of Terri Ary

On May 22, a significant milestone was achieved at American Academy (AA). On that day, 34 of the 70 graduating eighth graders had the unique distinction of being the first group of students to spend their kindergarten through eighth grade years at AA. In addition, this year’s graduating class included ten students who reside in the 80108 zip code.

When this year’s graduating class began its elementary school education at AA, the school was located in Park Meadows. Nine years later, including AA relocating to its new home in Castle Pines, these 34 students and their families have the honor of saying they were with the school from the beginning with all of the hope, joy, commitment, and excitement that came with the experience.

Castle Pines resident and graduating eighth grader Mariah Daley is proud to say, “I have seen the school go from a little office building to this new wonderful building. I remember when our playground was a blacktop with two soccer goals … I am looking forward to starting a new chapter of my life, but will never forget all of the wonderful opportunities that American Academy has given me.”

Erin Kane, executive director of schools for American Academy, has a particular affinity towards this group of kids. “I want to emphasize that we are incredibly proud of ALL of our graduates! But these students are the first group to grow up the whole way with American Academy, and we are thrilled to have had the chance to work with them for nine years. We can’t wait to see how they take what they’ve learned here and use it out in the wider world and hear about how attending all nine years at American Academy has helped prepare them for it.”

The 34 students in this year’s class graduated knowing that they will always have a unique place in AA’s history. Kudos to all 80108 graduates, including Kyle Beckman, Mariah Daley, Brett Ferree, Michael Ferree, Meaghan Miner, Ava Niemi, Katie Rausch, Killian Ridder, Avery Vieregger, and Dominic Wilderman.



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