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Bear spotted on Monarch Boulevard; be bear aware

Bears are seen in and around the Castle Pines community. Here, a bear recently seen in Castle Pines Village finds the contents of abirdfeeder potentially appetizing.

By Liz Jurkowski and photos sent in by Laura Zeh

As Coloradans, wildlife surrounds us. We do not have to go far to enter habitats of many wild animals. Often, the animals enter our neighborhoods, too. The occasional elk walks through our backyards, deer dart across Castle Pines Parkway, and coyotes are seen and heard everywhere. But a bear? Actually, bears are seen in and around Castle Pines more often than you may think.

Most recently, a bear drew a crowd on Monarch Boulevard, just two blocks away from Buffalo Ridge Elementary School. According to the community relations unit of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO), a deputy responded to a call about a black bear in a tree near Canterbury Park, across from Exeter Road. Drought conditions in the mountains and foothills are pushing all sorts of animals down into neighborhoods along the Front Range in search of food.

For obvious safety reasons, the deputy asked the growing group of interested people to leave. The Colorado Division of Wildlife responded to tranquilize the bear and relocate it back into the mountains.

The Colorado Division of Wildlife’s Living with Bears online resource center contains a plethora of information on living, vacationing, and spending time outdoors in bear country. Plus, it offers practical guidelines that will help you do your part to prevent human-bear conflicts, and keep bears wild. For more information, go to

The DCSO advises calling 911 in case of any emergency involving wildlife. If you wish to report a sighting that is of a non-emergency nature, call the Community Resource Department at 303-660-7500. A deputy can respond, assess the situation, and make any necessary referrals.

Living in a community rich with wildlife does have its challenges. But, learning to peacefully co-exist with nature and wildlife brings great rewards. It is the reason so many have chosen the beautiful Castle Pines community as their home.



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