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BRE students caught with character

By The BRE Ridgeline Staff

What is character? Ask the kids here at Buffalo Ridge Elementary (BRE) and they will tell you that character includes doing the right thing, being kind, looking out for others, knowing right from wrong, using great manners, having a positive attitude, knowing how to build friendships, being unique, having perseverance, respecting diversity, having courage even when things get tough, and being yourself. Webster says that character is, “the combination of qualities or features that make one person or group or thing different from another.”

Teachers at BRE are watching closely for kids with character. When a student is caught with character, they are given a paper trophy, which is then displayed in the main foyer of our school. First time recipients get a brand-new, golden pencil. There are daily winners and monthly winners. Each grade level and classroom will be noticed and participating. The GRAND winners in grades three through five will have a chance to represent the entire school by having their name published as one of the characters in Justin Mattot’s newest book. Two fabulous role models will have this chance.

Each month the school will be spotlighting a different character trait such as manners, attitude, friendship, etc. “I think that this is a great program and it will encourage kids to have great character and improve our school,” said Thomas W., a fourth grader on the Ridgeline staff.

“I think this will change this school and make it better and encourage kids to be nice to people,” said Katie S., another fourth grader and Ridgeline journalist. Ava T., a fifth grade student says, “this will be the opportunity for kids to change and become better students.”

The caught with character initiative will help the school change and be a better place to learn and grow. Although students don’t need a reward to do what is right, character will always count. Join us as we develop our personal abilities and look within to find our true character.

Ridgeline is Buffalo Ridge Elementary’s online newspaper. Fourth and fifth grade staff writers are: Ashley M., Ashley Z., Aubrey, Ava, Brie, Bryce, Caroline, Casidee, Cody, Darren, Emily, Isaac, Jason, Josh, Katie, Logan, Maddie, Mara, Molly, Nicholas, Pacey, Patrick, Simon, Sophie, Thomas, Travis, Trent, and Xander.

Each month, a student piece will be featured in The Castle Pines Connection community newspaper. This month, the above selection was a collaborative piece from the entire staff. To view the online newspaper, visit, click on “Classroom/School Websites” and then on “ Ridgeline.”



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