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Damaged Landscape Replaced Along Monarch Metro District Tests New Drought Tolerant Grass

by Lane Roberts

Last year, the Metro District’s landscaping improvement project included planting more than 100 trees, hundreds of shrubs, and drought-tolerant grass along Monarch Boulevard.

Co-Cal, the commercial landscaping contractor for the project, was back in Castle Pines North (CPN) again this summer to replace numerous trees, shrubs and areas of grass that did not survive.

Throughout the Monarch Boulevard area, Co-Cal has replaced more than 20 cottonwood trees, dozens of shrubs, and installed 1.3 acres of a new drought-tolerant grass, known as “Reveille.”

Reveille is a new hybrid bluegrass designed for arid climates. Reveille took more than 12 years to develop at Texas A&M University and has been tested in Phoenix, Las Vegas and other arid climates. It uses 50 percent less water than Kentucky bluegrass, thrives under heat stress, and tolerates cold weather. In certain tests the root system reached a depth of nearly 18 inches deep which helps contribute to it hardiness.

Metro District Parks and Open Space Manager Charlie Fagan said the new grass is being tested in CPN and he hopes it will be successful. “We are testing this new grass to see how it adapts to our climate. Reveille could help significantly reduce irrigation demands in many areas of the community,” said Fagan.

For more information about landscaping issues, parks, trails or open space, please contact Charlie Fagan at 303-388-8550, ext. 20, or e-mail



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