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DCS Montessori United Nations International Day

Recognizing and enjoying the richness of cultural diversity, DCS Montessori celebrated United Nations International Day with a school parade showcasing selected countries that were studied.

DSC Montessori (DCSM) teachers and assistants joined the lower elementary classrooms in the United Nations International Day celebration by wearing traditional outfits of their respective country. In preparation for the celebration, classrooms began their assigned continent studies in the second semester where they learned about different countries, cultures, food, places to visit and more.

Each classroom represented a different continent, and each student within that class was asked to research a specific country and their customs. Classroom learning activities included cultural celebrations, songs, greetings, and quick introductions to each country. The unit gave students the opportunity to learn different cultures as well as a celebration of unity as the students and classes worked together representing each country’s heritage.

By Julie Matuszewski; photo courtesy of Roda Pajela




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