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Hand-made quilt delivers hugs to doctors and kids

Brownie Troop 4128 proudly delivers their handmade quilt to Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children’s Pediatric Surgery Clinic on December 21. Surrounding the troop are: RMHC Pediatric Surgery Nurse Practitioner, Anna Cardinell, NP; Troop Leader, Cindy Lombardi; RMHC Chief Medical Officer, Reggie Washington, M.D; RMHC Pediatric Surgery Clinic Manager, Jessica Spencer; Troop Leader, Adrianne Geyer (photo by RMHC Pediatric Surgery Nurse Practitioner, Nicole Loomis, NP).

By Elean Gersack

On December 21, Castle Pines Brownie Troop 4128 delivered a handmade quilt to Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children (RMHC) in Denver. Making the quilt was a heartfelt effort that has created quite a memory for some first and second grade girls and will bring much joy to the children who will spend time in the hospital.

The troop, led by Adrianne Geyer and Cindy Lombardi, came up with the idea for the quilt earlier this Fall when planning for a holiday service project. One of the troop moms, Anna Cardinell, is a Family Nurse Practitioner for RMHC pediatric surgeons, Drs. Rothenberg, Shipman and Kay. Cardinell thought it would be special to do something for the hospital to recognize the important work they do for children.

“The quilt also symbolizes the sympathy our troop has for the children in the hospital as it is full of well wishes for the pediatric patients so they can receive some extra love and support if they will not make it home from the hospital in time for the holidays,” notes Cardinell.

Each girl made a square and then all of the squares were tied to together to make the quilt. “We used glitter, lots of colors, smiley faces and used ribbons to tie it together. Kids like color,” shares second-grader, Rylee. First-grader, Emily added that making the quilt is like giving a hug to the children.

From this experience, Geyer hopes the troop learned that the children at the hospital are no different from the girls in our troop.  “No material gift could match the gift they already have … a happy, healthy family,” said Geyer.

Geyer added that one of the girls even took a special charm she just received as a gift to put on the quilt saying that the kids at the hospital probably need it more than I do. “I am so proud of all of them!” said Geyer.

According to their website, the new Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children facility opened in 2010 on the Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center campus (PS/L) in Denver. During the past 20 years, many private-practice pediatric sub-specialists have called PS/L their practice home, while leading the region in caring for high-risk births, neonates, infants, children and teens. With the new facility, comes opportunity for more sub-specialists increasing the breadth and scope of pediatric diagnostics, treatments, surgeries and research conducted at P/SL.



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