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Hidden Pointe Lawsuit Temporarily Suspended

The newly elected Hidden Pointe Board members and the CPN Master Association have agreed to temporarily suspend all legal activities until the Hidden Pointe Board members are ready to address the matter with the CPN Master Association.

Rick Schafer, Hidden Pointe’s HOA President, said the Board is currently working to poll the community and educate homeowners regarding the lawsuit. “We want to gather as much information and feedback from our residents as possible before we make any decisions regarding the lawsuit,” said Schafer.

“The litigation process is still basically on hold,” said Master Association President Linda Nuzum. “We are ready move forward to negotiate this issue with Hidden Pointe and look forward to reaching a solution that benefits everyone.”

In September, 2003, the Hidden Pointe HOA filed a lawsuit against the CPN Master Association. The suit claims that the contracts developed between the two parties in 1999 improperly obligated homeowners to pay dues to the Master Association.



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