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Keeping connected with your community all month long

By Lynne Marsala Basche

The Castle Pines Connection makes every effort to provide relevant news to our readers.  We know residents expect information to be accurate and readily available, and they want to be informed of the latest happenings in and around the community.  Timely information, however, can be missed in a monthly publication, including upcoming events, road closures and other items of interest to residents.

In an effort to continuously and regularly share pertinent information with our readers, The Connection offers three more ways to stay engaged and informed between monthly newspaper publications:  our website, Facebook page, and email notifications.

The Connection’s WEBSITE includes a full electronic flip book of the newspaper, as well lots of additional information that may not have been included in the printed newspaper.   One of the most popular clicks on the website is the community Photo Album – check it out, you may be featured in it!  While you are there, explore the Events page, which includes submitted happenings from local organizations, as well as those throughout the Denver metro area.  The Events page is updated as events are submitted, so be sure to bookmark

FACEBOOK allows news and events to be posted as they happen, but it is also a community engagement platform.  The Connection posts time-sensitive stories and items that are educational and informational, in addition to hosting fun contests.  We also want to hear from you when we post, so join in and contribute to the community dialogue.   Please like our page at as we continue to post more and increase our social media presence.

Back by popular demand is The Connection’s EMAIL blast.  Receive relevant information twice a month directly to your mailbox.  Email addresses will never be shared or sold, and we promise not to inundate readers with junk mail or promotional material.  Email if you are interested in being added to the email list and staying informed or sign up on the website.

We understand that keeping up on what is happening can be challenging and that news comes from a variety of sources both online and traditional.  The Connection’s monthly paper, our website, Facebook page, and email alerts will help our 80108 residents stay informed.



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