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Metro District Increases Rates

by Lane Roberts

On Monday, May 7, more than 30 residents attended the Castle Pines North (CPN) Metro District’s public hearing regarding a proposed water and wastewater rate increase.

During the meeting, Metro District Manager James McGrady gave a presentation that detailed the need for the proposed 10 percent water rate increase and the restructuring of wastewater billing.

Water rates in CPN increased in 2005 and 2006; a trend that can be expected to continue as the Metro District continues to search for a renewable water source for the community.

Board Members Suggest Different Rate Increase –

On Monday, May 21, at the monthly Metro District board meeting, Vice President Bruce Thompson made a motion to raise water rates to 4.5 percent instead of 10 percent. Board members Ted Lohr, President, and Cortney Brand, also voted to approve the motion.

The 4.5 percent increase will apply to tier one and tier two of the District’s water budget. Water in CPN will now cost $2.93 per thousand gallons, an increase of .13 cents.

Thompson also proposed the 10 percent rate increase for the higher tiers on the water budget. Each home in CPN has a calculated water budget based on actual lot size. To learn more, please e-mail Janet Burnham at

The Board also voted to approve the wastewater rate increase. According to McGrady, the District is trying to make wastewater rates “more equitable and self-sustaining.” The District hired Red Oak Consulting to evaluate the current wastewater rate structure and it recommended averaging water during December, January and February. Most of the water used during the off-peak season flows directly into the wastewater collection system.

Since 2005, the District has charged a flat fee of $26.63 for wastewater. The fee for wastewater will now be based upon usage. McGrady said the average resident can expect to see a wastewater increase of $1.31 per month.

The new water and wastewater increase follows a $5 increase in the “capital improvement fee” portion of the water bill which was raised in February. Capital improvement fees are now $18 a month for all residential customers. Implemented in 2005, this fee was originally $12, and was designed to generate capital reserves for future water supplies.

To review the public hearing presentation or to learn more about rate increases, please visit or contact James McGrady at 303-688-8550 or e-mail Contact by email.



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