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Neighborhood writer gives gift of expression

Dion Boeke

by Lisa Crockett with photo courtesy of Dion Boeke

Art sometimes imitates life. Such is the case for writer Dion Boeke, Sapphire Point resident and owner of True Love Biography, Inc.

Beoke partners with clients to write love stories about their lives. These love stories aren’t fictional accounts, but true stories of real relationships. Clients are typically men looking for an unusual gift to give to their wives or girlfriends. Dion interviews his clients about their real-life love stories providing each couple with a romantic account unique to them.

“A majority of my clientele are men who have run out of original or meaningful gift ideas for their wives or girlfriends. They’ve given jewelry and cars and luxury vacations, but none of it really touches their partner’s heart,” said Boeke. “They possess boundless vaults of imprisoned romance they’d like to share with their true love, but they are rendered frustrated and baffled when faced with adequately expressing that love. My role is to draw that out of them.”

The writing process involves an initial interview with the client to establish an outline of how the couple met and how their story has unfolded. The initial interview typically takes an hour or so and can be completed on the phone or in person. Follow-up consultations help Boeke and his client work out fine details, a process that can take anywhere from two to ten hours total.

“I enjoy meeting clients in person,” said Boeke. “It affords me nonverbal clues into a relationship that would otherwise be missed. These are the sorts of details that help me to take on the lives of the characters involved and passionately write their story.”

After working as an engineer, Boeke switched careers to become a writer when he found that he had a passion for the work. Boeke likens his work to the artistic concept of creating a painting based on a photograph. Some romances are more strictly true to the couple’s history, and others stray a bit from the factual timeline in the name of a good story.

“All are art, all are depicting the same thing, but everyone has a definite preference,” said Boeke. “I leave that choice to my clients.”

Boeke enjoys the writing process, and has heard some interesting and unusual love stories in his line of work.

“True story: a woman went in to get her oil changed and came out with her husband,” he said. “You can’t make this stuff up!”

Boeke keeps current by surfing the web daily for thoughts and ideas about love and romance, but also finds inspiration outside the romance genre, including books about outdoor adventure, travel and even self help.

“The nature of the gift makes it an especially wonderful anniversary, Valentine’s Day or wedding gift–occasions that highlight and celebrate a couple’s relationship,” said Boeke. “However, it also makes a great Christmas or birthday gift, too.”

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