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Outdoor Ed inspires fun, friendships and fearlessness!

By Elean Gersack; journal entries by Lucy H. (BRE fifth grade student) and Jack P. (TTE fifth grade student); courtesy photos

The week of May 12 was a special time for many fifth graders in Castle Pines. Students from Buffalo Ridge Elementary (BRE) and Timber Trail Elementary (TTE) spent two and a half days at the Douglas County Outdoor Education Center (DCOEC) in Larkspur to cap off their elementary school years.

BRE kids departed on Monday, May 12, to start their journey. While in the midst of an unusual May snowstorm, students wore snow boots and packed bags with items ranging from long underwear and winter coats to sunglasses and sunscreen. The kids and teachers departed a few hours late to make sure travel was safe.

While the BRE students were finishing up their trip, the TTE kids were loading buses and getting set to head south 30 miles to start their own excursion on Wednesday morning, May 14. For their departure, the sun was shining bright and the temperatures were warming. What a difference a few days makes.

As the fifth graders from the two schools passed in their comings and goings, there was a bond that brought them together those 30 miles away. You see, those that come before spend time writing notes and making tie-dye shirts to welcome the next group of students. So, as soon as the TTE kids arrived, notes and shirts were waiting for them from their friends from BRE.

The Castle Pines Connection reached out to a student from each of the schools and asked them to share their thoughts about Outdoor Education with our readers. Above is what they had to say …



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