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RCHS Sub 40 runners set the pace at the Bolder Boulder

RCHS Varsity Track and Cross Country runners chose to take it up a notch from the usual 5K meets and compete in this year’s Bolder Boulder 10K on May 25.  Left to right: Keegan King, Gabriel Tauber, Andrew Steavpack, Bryce Vrabel, and Ryan Meisner.

Pictured above:  RCHS Varsity Track and Cross Country runners proudly wearing their Sub 40 Club” t-shirts after completing the Bolder Boulder in fewer than 40 minutes.

By Kathy Fallert; photos courtesy of Jim Steavpack and Nancy Meisner

How fast can you run a 10K? That’s just more than six miles.  Well, five Rock Canyon High School (RCHS) boys competed in the Bolder Boulder on May 25 with four of them finishing in under 40 minutes and the fifth one missing it by only 38 seconds.

The boys were members of the varsity track and field and the cross country teams this year at RCHS.  The RCHS runners were presented with a “Sub 40 Club” t-shirt for their accomplishment.  The top 18 in each age group also received a medal.

Gabriel Tauber, RCHS senior and Castle Pines (CP) resident, came in 18th place in the 18-year age group with a time of 37:12; Ryan Meisner, RCHS sophomore and CP resident, came in 8th place in the 16-year age group with a time of 37:38; Keegan King, RCHS junior, came in 21st in the 17-year age group with a time of 38:50; Bryce Vrabel, RCHS sophomore, came in 5th in the 15-year age group with a time of 39:17; and last but not least, Andrew Steavpack, RCHS junior and CP resident, came in 35th in the 17-year age group with a time of 40:38.  

Although Steavpack was 38 seconds away from making the Sub 40 Club, the Bolder Boulder staff honored him with a t-shirt for coming in so close.

Meisner reflected, “We decided to do the Bolder Boulder because none of us had ever broken 40 minutes before and were determined to do so this year.  I was very excited to be in the Sub 40 Club since it has been my goal for three years!”

Steavpack commented, “This year we did the Bolder Boulder as a way to celebrate the end of the track season and school year and do something productive with our long, four-day weekend before finals.  We had been wanting to see how we would do in a 10 kilometer race compared to the typical 5Ks we are used to in high school cross country,” he said.  “We all had a fun time competing in it and were proud of our performances, not to mention all the freebies at the end of the race!”



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