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Spotlight on NorthLynx HOA

by Celine Hundt

The NorthLynx HOA serves 221 homes in the Serena and Tapedero neighborhoods in the Daniel’s Gate subdivision in Castle Pines North (CPN).

According to Jennifer Havercroft, president of the NorthLynx HOA, one of the first action items of the current Board was to modify the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) guidelines. A new more streamlined process has made it easier for residents to make improvements and changes to their properties; usually the review is completed within 30 days. Also, it was decided to increase the number of board members from 3 to 5. Havercroft believes this change alone has resulted in better brainstorming and more democratic decision making.

Perhaps one of the biggest successes that this individual HOA can boast relates to the Coyote Ridge Skateboard Park. Residents came to their HOA with concerns about the skate park, specifically the level of noise and vandalism that resulted from the park opening. A secondary concern was put forward to the HOA regarding speeding violations in the Serena neighborhood.

These concerns were communicated to the CPN Master Association and the Sheriff’s Department. A meeting between the various entities resulted in a positive and ongoing dialogue. Tangible results of the meeting to date have been that a speeding trailer has been set up twice at Serena. A 25 mile-per-hour speed limit sign has also been installed in the same area. Residents are happy to report a more obvious police presence in the form of more frequent patrols. NorthLynx has also worked with the CPN Metro District to install a street light at the intersection of Hidden Point and Serena, but is relying on Xcel to implement the improvement.

While the HOA is concerned with many serious issues, it also strives to provide its citizens with fun activities and events. Past events include a fall festival for neighborhood children. Future events will include a New Year’s Eve party at the Daniel’s Gate clubhouse (details will be provided via the HOA newsletter.) “My goal in becoming involved with the North Lynx HOA was to improve my immediate community by addressing the concerns of the residents and taking action to effect positive change,” said Havercroft. Judging by the strides already made in addressing skate park and speeding concerns, that goal is steadily becoming a reality.

The North Lynx HOA meets quarterly and residents of the Serena and Tapadero neighborhoods are welcome to attend. A newsletter is also sent out by mail on a quarterly basis. The HOA would like to encourage new residents to contact to make sure they receive current information. The HOA will be recruiting for new Board members in the February 2007 timeframe. Information will be forthcoming in the HOA newsletter.

Updates and minutes from board meetings can be accessed at Information about NorthLynx can also be found at:



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