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The Bibliophiliac’s Corner: “A Season in Vail”

By Amanda Merriman

Connection writer Amanda Merriman admits she is hopelessly addicted to books. It has been this way nearly all her life. Every month she shares what she has been reading with the hope that others will share in the obsession too.

Faithful Connection readers may recognize the author of this month’s book selection, titled “A Season in Vail.” The author, Steve Baska, is a Castle Pines resident and former writer for The Connection.

“A Season in Vail” tells the fictional story of Tom Woods, a man in his mid-30s in the midst of reevaluating his life. After a harrowing experience nearly costs him his life, Tom decides to take some time off in the mountains of Colorado. When he lands in Vail, he begins the process of unwinding and discovering a new way of life as a ski instructor.

Baska’s novel came at the perfect time of year for me. In the post-holiday doldrums of winter, I often think of skiing and enjoying the stark beauty of the mountains to get me through. Also, my youngest two children keep our Sundays busy with skiing and snowboarding lessons. So, I happily read through “A Season in Vail,” infused with factual details on skiing, snowboarding, and life in a resort community.

A quick and enjoyable read, Baska’s novel is sure to appeal to skiers and readers interested in the history of the industry in Colorado. One of my favorite parts was reading about Tom instructing a student on how to ski in powder. Tom’s encounters with kids in ski lessons made me evaluate how I prepare my own offspring prior to their Sunday sessions. I also enjoyed the Chapter Notes section at the end of the book. I appreciated how his main character was the vehicle for exploring the various socio-economic issues that occur in the towns that surround ski resorts.

This book would be a perfect read after a day of skiing or boarding. It is an opening for deeper thought on the lives of those who call resort towns home. Baska’s book can be found on Amazon, and is available on Kindle or in paperback.

Fellow bibliophiles and book club members, feel free to join in the dialogue. Blog your thoughts and feedback at and enter the keyword “bibliophiliac” in the search bar. Have you read a great book recently? Don’t keep that juicy tidbit all to yourself. Email your find to me at



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