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The Next Chapter

There is an ever-aging yet very active population of individuals in Douglas County entering the next chapter of their lives.  Whether transitioning to empty nesters, retiring from the corporate world, caring for elderly family members, or just turning the page to see what is to come in their life’s journey, readers are wanting more information about events, activities and programs geared toward the 50+ age crowd.

The Connection is committed to its readership and will incorporate more of these type stories in its editorial content in “The Next Chapter” section of the paper.  We would love to hear your thoughts, ideas and suggestions.  Email us at

Fashion show brings out individual flair

By CPC | July 1, 2024

  The annual Village Castle Pines Garden Club (VCPGC) fashion show brought fresh flair this year, including a change of venue and a new run of show with two special men in the lineup. Eight models who are VCPGC members selected based on their stellar representation, active duty and engagement within the club, strutted the…

The Higbys: A Greenland tapestry

By CPC | July 1, 2024

Today’s recreated frame of the iconic Higby Mercantile building sits windblown, almost forlorn, at what was once a major crossroad in lower Douglas County. At one time, the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad’s Pineland stop, its nutrient rich green grass persuaded author Helen Hunt to rename it “Greenland.” By the early 20th century, the…

Service above self

By CPC | July 1, 2024

In May, Colorado Rotary clubs participated in the first statewide EPIC Day of Service. More than 1,000 Rotarians and community members joined forces to support more than 54 nonprofit organizations. The Castle Rock Rotary Club helped with a Wellspring Community renovation project, helping to transform the former La Quinta hotel in Castle Rock into a…

Thinking sun-powered

By CPC | July 1, 2024

With Colorado’s reputation for a lot of sunshine, it is only natural to think it would be a good place for solar energy … and it is. Plus, with some incentives available, it is a great time to consider installing solar panels. At the end of 2023, close to 9,000 members of CORE Electric Cooperative…

Mirror, mirror on the wall

By CPC | July 1, 2024

Fairy tales are an integral aspect of our shared culture, and the mere mention of fairy tales and folklore can conger tales from Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. The brother’s collection of folklore was originally published in 1812 and today, these tales are still relevant and often reimagined. Pick up one of the modern retellings listed…

Dear Mrs. A – July

By CPC | July 1, 2024
dear mrs a

Dear Mrs. A, Is it true that you can tell a lot about a neighborhood by visiting the local grocery store? – Curious in Castle Pines What a wonderful question, and yes. The local grocery store provides a lot of clues about the surrounding population. You can observe the diversity of products; this might be…

Toiletry Drive in the Village

By CPC | July 1, 2024

On June 22, members of the Village Castle Pines Garden Club gathered in The Village Shops to collect non-perishable food items, toiletries and cash contributions to benefit Help & Hope Center.  This annual summer event is an opportunity for members to give back and have a positive impact on their community (see related article page…

Gray wolf reproduction confirmed

By CPC | July 1, 2024

  Colorado Parks and Wildlife has confirmed successful reproduction in its gray wolf reintroduction efforts in the state. CPW biologists have been gathering evidence suggesting a male and female gray wolf pair have been denning, indicating reproduction. Some of this evidence includes GPS collar data. The collared female’s GPS points stopped uploading in early April,…

A family honors beloved son and brother

By CPC | July 1, 2024

Over Memorial Day weekend, the Henderson family dedicated a bench at Daniels Gate Park in honor and memory of their son and brother Luka Ashton Henderson. Luka (22) passed away in 2022 in a motorcycle accident in Alabama. “We really are devastated and miss him every single day,” said Luka’s mom, Katie. “We’ve learned that…

July Crossword

By CPC | July 1, 2024

This crossword brought to you by Allstate Insurance – Tammy Lopez  (720) 733-1331     Across 1. To complain habitually 5. Casper, e.g. 10. Cumberland ___ 13. Buckeye state 14. Indy entrant 15. Literary award 16. With intense watchfulness 18. Sweet sandwich snack 19. Pilot’s announcement, for short 20. Peruvian peaks 21. Like a stuffed…