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A fresh new sound for Colorado from one of our own

Pictured above is Jake Garrett’s debut album, “The Hometown Remedy,” which features his vocals, guitar playing and song writing talents.

By Chris Bonham with photos provided by the Garrett family

Musically, Colorado is home to plenty of folks who’ve hit it big. The Fray, OneRepublic, and 3Oh!3 are just a few artists on the contemporary scene who reside in our beautiful state. But the music major leagues had better watch out. They may just have some competition on the way, coming from our neck of the woods.

Castle Pines resident Jake Garrett has been playing music since a young age. “I have been playing guitar for as long as I can remember,” he said. In sixth grade, he became a drummer. Jake’s also been honing his vocal abilities for the past four years, using his talents as a member of a hardcore band he started with a few friends.

Recently, however, Jake’s been moving towards a more acoustic style of music. Then, two years ago, Jake decided that just knowing how to play music wasn’t enough.

“My obsession for recording started about two years ago,” he told The Castle Pines Connection.  “Some of my friends had started messing around with a free application called Audacity, which was a pretty simple program for recording, but I got really good at it.  I soon started to get better quality equipment and my recording talent has improved by a lot.  It’s easy to tell by listening to my oldest songs compared to my newest ones.”

Jake writes many of his own songs, and he’s begun performing his music at venues around Denver to broaden his audience. But, even with all his talent, Jake says he’s not in it for the fame and fortune.

“It is my dream to work for a major recording studio but I am also a realist.  I want people to know I’m doing it for myself and for my fans …”

Fortunately for Jake, some of the greatest artists in history never counted on being famous. They just had a desire to play music, and for people to listen to them. Jake’s got both of these things, and the talents to take him far.

You can check out Jake’s music on his Facebook page, or at



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