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A week of family fun

By Julie Matuszewski; photos courtesy of DCS Montessori

Photo of First grader Ayla Vosburg (left) and sister Bryn Vosburg (right)

First grader Ayla Vosburg (left) and sister Bryn Vosburg (right) decide it is best to taste their homemade frosting before icing the entire cake.

DCS Montessori (DCSM) families and students finished the school year with a sense of renewed energy. The DCSM Education Foundation not only raised money for the school year, but also raised morale within the DCSM community. The organization planned weekly themed events for the entire family.

Families found weekly challenges posted to the school’s Facebook and Instagram pages. In addition to traditional spirit days like crazy hair and school spirit day, activities like bike riding, cake baking and live driveway DJ mash-ups were included. Six randomly picked winners were awarded gift cards to community merchants each week.

Photo of the Jarvis

There is no such thing as having too much fun with the Jarvis family. All family members including the family dog dress as royalty in pink tutus and princess crowns.

Photo of Bella Eaton aka DJ Miss MixALittle

Bella Eaton aka DJ Miss MixALittle, shares her love of song mixing with her dad, DJ Snaggle Finger. Together they have mixed greatest hits for their family and fellow neighbors to enjoy.

Photo of Third grader Sophie Tibar

Third grader Sophie Tibar can’t get enough of her favorite cupcake desserts so she wears them on crazy hair day.



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