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American Academy final finale

Excited second grader Savannah Rosenlund eagerly showed her final embossing piece.

Article and photos by Julie Matuszewski

During spring parent conferences, students from the American Academy (AA) Castle Pines campus shared their awesome art at the year’s last art show. This was the fourth annual end-of-year art show for AA students K-5. Art instructor Kelsea Fischer was so proud of all her students and could not wait to show what they achieved this year.

Throughout the school year, students created seven projects ranging from clay, oil painting, drawing, embossing, print making and glow in the dark painting. Fischer said her students were inspired by the process of art making and trying their best. Manners taught at AA helped students in her art room to remember to be kind and try their best. Fischer’s creative, loving and inspirational atmosphere helped her students grow in their personal art journey. There was no particular theme for the year-end art show. The show itself was a celebration of the incredible year, artwork and an evening of thanks to all of the art students.

K-5 students displayed unique 3D art pieces using clay and 3D printing technology.

Kelsea Fischer’s students demonstrate their unique talents by painting with oils.

Students demonstrated works of art from the beginning of the year to the end by applying learned techniques of horizon lines, shadowing and value.



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