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BINGO with a twist

Timber Trail Elementary bingo winner Lenya Sanford graciously accepted her bingo award from student volunteer emcees Molly McCarthy (left) and Landyn Pettis (right).

By Julie Matuszewski; photos courtesy of Timber Trail Elementary

October is that favorite time of year for Timber Trail Elementary (TTE) students, families and staff dressed in their favorite goblin, ghoul and princess attire to celebrate the festivities of Halloween.

TTE enjoyed the Halloween fun with potluck bingo. The TTE Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) hosted its annual Halloween bingo potluck with a twist. This year, the potluck included a chili and a macaroni and cheese cook off. More than 100 guests enjoyed a fun-filled evening tasting Crock-Pots full of flavorful chilis and macaroni and cheese while playing several rounds of bingo.

The buzz of B-I-N-G-O rang through the cafeteria as student volunteer emcees Landyn Pettis (Rocky Heights Middle School) and Molly McCarthy (Parker Performing Arts School) called winning cardholders on traditional bingo, four corners and blackout.

DINO-mite bingo winner Barrett Krell was all smiles after winning several rounds of bingo.

Bingo winners were third grader Leyna Sanford, kindergartner Julien Gabrysh and third grader Barrett Krell. All received a $10 gift card to Amazon. Cook-off winners were Nicole Katz and Amy Ball. Katz won for her amazing sweet potato chili while Ball won for her creamy macaroni and cheese. Both left with empty Crock-Pots and a $25 gift card to King Soopers.

TTE Principal Michele Radke shared, “It was a great evening. There was delicious food, cute costumes, bingo fun and prizes. Thanks to Paige Sanford and our PTO for organizing this family focused event.” TTE families and students are already getting costumes and Crock-Pots ready for next year’s event!



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