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Brownie troop connects lost pets with loved ones

Brownies in Troop 2687, sponsored by Timber Trail Elementary School, have established a Facebook page to help reunite lost pets with their owners.

By Lisa Crockett, Photo courtesy of Colleen Odechuck

Jackie Hall, who is eight years old, is the proud owner of a guinea pig named Shy – a companion she says she’d be devastated to lose. Her fellow brownie girl scout, seven-year-old Claire Yeater, has two dogs she loves dearly named Kiwi and Kirby. Their troopmates in Troop 2687, which is sponsored by Timber Trail Elementary School, are animal lovers too – many of them own pets of their own and it seems the whole troop has a passion for animals. So, when the girls were challenged to make a difference in the community, it wasn’t a surprise that animals featured prominently in their plans.

“We were working with the girls on what’s called a ‘brownie quest,’ a challenge to help the community” said Claire’s mom Juli Yeater, who serves as the troop’s leader along with Jackie’s mom, Janet Hall. “They had noticed that they often saw flyers posted around various neighborhoods about lost pets and originally talked about putting up a bulletin board where pet owners could post information about their animals. But the project is supposed to be something sustainable, and after talking with the girls about it, they decided that something online would be easier to maintain and would better serve the community.”

And so, the “Castle Pines Lost Pets” Facebook page was born. Adults helped the girls with the design and execution and will serve as administrators of the page, but the concepts, marketing and implementation of the plan were all directed by the brownies themselves, all of whom are in the second grade.

“The nice thing about a Facebook page is that people can post information about lost pets, and then also share when pets are found,” said Janet Hall. “We’ve provided the forum, and the girls are hoping it provides a useful way for community residents to get the word out when they’ve lost a pet.”

Using the page is easy – simply go to “CastlePinesLostPets” on Facebook and post information, including photos if you have them, of animals who need help finding their way back home.

“I like how we can help people with this project,” said Claire. “It’s been great to work with our ‘team’ of brownies to make a difference.”



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