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A “little” celebration for the future library in Castle Pines

Local library enthusiast and book club leader Suzi Scott placed a book in the “Little Free Library” when it opened last month. The Little Free Library, which is on the site of the future library in Castle Pines, is a place where residents can swap books.

By Lisa Crockett; courtesy photo

In just a few years, the corner of Village Square Lane and Village Square Terrace will be home to a place to grab a good book. In celebration of the coming of a new freestanding library, that spot has become home to a place to grab a book – though on a smaller scale than in the future.

The “Little Free Library,” which opened last month on the site of the new Castle Pines Library is based on the concept of “take a book, return a book.” The Little Free Library is a wooden box where people in the community can swap books at any time of the night or day.

First in line to drop off a book at the Little Free Library when it opened last month was Castle Pines resident Suzi Scott. Scott is a big fan of the library. In fact, she was also the first person to check out a book at the Castle Pines Library when it opened in 2009. An enthusiastic reader, she established the “Empty Nesters Book Club,” which meets in Castle Pines and regularly reads books from the library.

“I am so excited about the new library and wanted to participate in this event,” said Scott. “Having a library here will be such a wonderful thing. Being able to accommodate more people and offer more books; reading is such a great pleasure.”

City leaders, too, are looking forward to the library, which will be more than double the size of the existing library.

“This is the first of many milestones as we bring a new library to Castle Pines and move forward with Douglas County Libraries in the next stages of planning,” said Mayor Jeffrey Huff. “The temporary book drop and swap box not only provides a unique way to share books in the community, but it also serves as a symbolic reminder of the where the new library will eventually be located.”

The current Castle Pines Library is located just down the street from the Little Free Library and will assist in making sure there are books available to swap. The future Castle Pines Library is expected to open by December 31, 2016, according to an agreement between the City of Castle Pines and Douglas County Libraries. 



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