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Buffalo Ridge garden club makes green with tree fundraiser

Rock Canyon High School  senior volunteers lent a helping hand loading trees for the BRE Garden Club.  Students pictured from left to right: Garrett Wright, Rory Trujillo, and McKenzie Wierda.

By Kathy Fallert; courtesy photos

The Buffalo Ridge Elementary (BRE) Garden Club sponsored its first ever holiday tree and wreath sale.  Nearly 30 trees and 73 wreaths were sold in an effort to raise funds for the garden program.  The trees and wreaths were sourced from Nick’s Evergreens in Commerce City and provided very fresh and high quality items for customers.

Trees and wreaths were pre-ordered in November and delivered to the school on December 4.  The Garden Club offered home delivery for only $7, and about half of the trees were delivered right to the buyer’s doorstep.

Proceeds from this event will go toward an irrigation system which has been approved by the school district and is needed over the summer months when volunteers are not as readily available to water and maintain the school’s garden.

Additional funds will go toward pea gravel for the garden pathways, plants, and continued outdoor classroom improvements.  This fall, volunteers dug out all of the garden boxes and laid mesh for vole control.  Additionally, outdoor classroom benches were constructed as well as perimeter fencing for rabbit control.

Garden Club member and parent volunteer Jen Smoldt said, “A lot of progress has been made but there’s still more to do!  Funds from this sale bring BRE closer to the vision of making this space not just a garden, but a life-lab for students – scientific, mathematical, environmental, and a whole lot more.  But, since there is no budget for the gardens, ongoing maintenance and improvements hinge entirely on the generous support of fundraisers like this.”

BRE student Cooper with mom Lynette and sister Cate got suited up with Christmas décor at BRE’s inaugural tree and wreath sale last month.



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