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Calculus and coffee

Article and photo by Maddy Merritt, RCHS intern writer

Photo of students in coffee house

Senior Paisley Moore (left) and juniors Mandy Fleetwood and Justin Edell study at Ziggi’s Coffee. Moore, Fleetwood and Edell have AP Calculus together and meet to study, connect with friends and get out of the house for online learning days.

Returning to school this fall has looked quite a bit different for Castle Pines students. With most middle and high schools offering either completely online learning or a hybrid schedule where students still spend a significant portion of the time learning at home, students are juggling a different set of distractions this school year. With dogs barking, little siblings screaming and next door neighbors getting their roofs replaced, students have found it easier to go to another place to either study or spend their remote learning time. For many Rock Canyon High School (RCHS) students, Ziggi’s Coffee in Castle Pines has become a study hot spot.

Currently, RCHS senior Kayla Mash’s kitchen is being renovated, and she claims being able to study somewhere else has been helpful when things get too loud at home. “I like studying at Ziggi’s because it’s nice to be able to get out of your house and force yourself to focus with some good drinks. The noise is like every day bustle noise; it’s not silent, but sometimes that can be nice because if you need to talk to someone, you don’t feel like you’re the only one talking in the library kind of thing,”

RCHS junior, Justin Edell just had his brother leave for college, right as the school year was starting. This year his house is particularly empty and quiet during online learning days. “I like coming to Ziggi’s because they have good coffee, and it’s better than being at home alone,” Edell said.

Coffee shop music playing over the speaker, espresso machines whirring in the background help create the perfect ambient noise for hitting the books. Having access to a study spot away from home where students can focus and collaborate has become an essential part of this school year.
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