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CHSAA at Rock Canyon High School

By Riley Busch, RCHS intern writer

Early last month, Rock Canyon High School (RCHS) was given the honor of hosting the 2016 Musical Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) Festival.  On April 6 and 7, the high school opened its doors to various bands and choirs from every corner of the state.

Formal concert bands and select choirs joined other highly-ranked music groups in presenting a wide variety of music, ranging in both genre and style.  One group performed a traditional march, while another performed a modern arrangement of a well-known piece.  Some, like our own Rock Canyon groups, didn’t have to commute very far.  Others traveled all the way from Breckenridge, for example, to participate.  All groups received praise and great feedback from the judges, and both RCHS groups earned superior ratings in their overall performances.

All groups were given the chance to perform their prepared pieces for a panel of expert judges.  After receiving their scores, each group was given a piece to sight read (perform without any previous rehearsal) for further judgment.  Both aspects of the festival provided a chance for feedback and improvement.  Julia Dale, RCHS choir director explained, “The students get feedback from two different judges in their field.  They’re highly educated and they know our music and field, and we have the opportunity to learn some incredible new things.”

Most directors and performers thoroughly enjoy getting help and pointers from acclaimed experts.  Courtney Cunningham, RCHS band student and Castle Pines resident stated “My favorite part was the sight reading.  It got me to challenge my skills and also learn a lot more about music and the importance of it.”

Hosting CHSAA at RCHS also greatly benefited the community.  The event brought students from other schools to our community and served to exhibit what the students in the Denver area could accomplish as well as the combined effort of the community.  Thanks to all the hard work put in by the parent and student volunteers, the multiple-day festival ran extremely well.  Congratulations on a successful festival!



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