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City of Castle Pines North

CPNII HOA President Shirley Beer Powell (right) cheers as the results of the vote for incorporation are announced on November 6 at The Ridge in CPN. (photo by Tim Gamble)

by Lane Roberts

Castle Pines North (CPN) voters have chosen to become Douglas County’s fifth municipality. Voters approved the incorporation issue by nearly a four-to-one margin. Three other ballot measures to set a sales tax and transfer existing property tax funds to the new city were also approved.

Douglas County mailed more than 4,800 ballots to CPN residents. Sixty-five percent of the ballots were returned, making November 6, 2007, one of the largest voter turnouts in CPN history.

“This is a very exciting time for Castle Pines North,” said Preservation Committee Leader Maureen Shul. “The unsung heros of this victory are the hundreds of CPN residents who volunteered their time, energy and passion to ensure every resident was informed with facts.”

Now that Election Day is over, the real work begins. Residents of CPN will soon elect key representatives who will help form the new city. These officials will include a mayor, city council members, a clerk and a treasurer. The CPN Election Commission, which assisted with the incorporation ballot questions and coordinated the November 6 election with Douglas County, is working to set this election as quickly as possible.

Until city officials are elected, the CPN Master Association and the CPN Preservation Committee will be conducting basic “ground work” during the interim period. “We want to make sure our elected representatives begin this city with a strong foundation to prevent them from having to start at square one,” said Shul.

As with any new city, CPN residents can expect many obstacles along the way. Developing a new city will not be a simple task. “We have many pressing issues facing our new city such as securing renewable water and the development of the Lagae Ranch. There will be many bumps along the way,” Shul said.

Mark Shively, who participated in the November 2 debate forum against incorporation, says voters of CPN have created new zoning authority for the city to make key land use decisions. “Every permit must require exemplary water wise design. Fees generated must be escrowed for renewable water solutions,” said Shively.

Shul agrees that water is a top priority for the upcoming city leaders. “Water should be at the top of the list,” said Shul. “Whether or not you supported incorporation, our new city will need the involvement and input from every resident to move forward to face these new challenges.”

Michelle Barton of HOA2, thinks the incorporation of CPN is a good thing for the community. “Incorporation gives us more autonomy. It gives us the controls to make the best decisions for our community and what is right for us,” Barton said.

Castle Pines North will join Parker, Lone Tree, Castle Rock and Larkspur on the list of Douglas County municipalities. While our community is much smaller than Parker and Castle Rock, most residents prefer the small town ambiance that makes CPN truly unique.

“The incorporation of CPN means that the dreams for the future of our community can come true,” said Nancy Carroll, a resident of Brambleridge. “This incredible community can continue to keep its small town flavor while looking forward to continued improvements because the residents now have a say in what happens.”

Governing a new city from scratch will be no easy task. However, many in CPN think the community is ready for the challenge.

“Change is happening all around us and the only way we could control the destiny of our community was to become a city,” said Jim Mason, HOA2 resident. “I’m confident we’ve taken the right step. We have a lot of work ahead of us and I hope CPN residents will continue to be involved.”

“Our future is a city! The people who live here, and who believe in it, will make it successful,” said Karen Heskin of Tapestry Hills. “It’s only just begun.”

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