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County Exploring Options for Stroh Road Connection to Castle Pines Parkway

For years it has been widely known that Castle Pines Parkway will some day connect Castle Pines North with Parker. In fact, Douglas County has plans that link Parker’s Stroh Road with Castle Pines Parkway at Exit 188 east of Interstate 25.

The problem with the existing plans has been aligning the road across the 5.25 mile stretch between the two communities.

Originally, Douglas County had been designing a fairly direct alignment between the two points; however, the expansion of Reuter-Hess Reservoir has created a need to reassess the design and location of the road.

Currently, the reservoir is being built to serve the water needs of the Town of Parker, but plans have been made to enlarge Reuter-Hess and service other Douglas County entities, including CPN. The expanded reservoir would engulf the current plans for Stroh Road in water. This change sent Douglas County Engineers back to the drawing board to redesign the road alignment, which resulted in the following three options:

Option 1

The Douglas County Engineers first drafted plans that would build bridges over the southern portion of the reservoir. The Parker Water and Sanitation District expressed concerns for the reservoir’s water quality from possible runoff from road maintenance, ice removal and potential fuel spills.

Option 2

This option would take Stroh Road further south into The Canyons, a 1,500 home development being planned to the east of CPN. This development has already been designed with a major traffic thoroughfare in the community and would require redesigning to accommodate a Stroh Road realignment.

Option 3

The last option takes the alignment on a northern route around the reservoir. This would make the road a mile longer and increase the cost of construction, but would eliminate the problems with property owners. Should this be the option that all parties agree to, it is possible that Stroh Road could tie into I-25 at a point further north of the CPN interchange.

At this time, all parties involved are still in the discussion process. Check back with the CPN website at for updates.



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