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DCS Montessori turns trash into treasure

By Tracy Dudley

DCS Montessori School recently teamed up with TerraCycle to start turning collected waste into new products and materials, ranging from park benches to backpacks. TerraCycle recycles and upcycles used packaging from familiar products like Capri Sun, Lays, and Oreos. Out of this comes more than 1,500 various products available at major retailers. Founded in 2001, TerraCycle’s goal is eliminate the idea of waste.

This year, the Montessori school is participating in two “brigades,” which are national programs to collect specific previously non-recyclable or hard-to-recycle waste. First, the school will collect old cell phones from now until the end of the year by placing collection boxes near the main office and by the front doors. DCS Montessori has asked all students and parents to send in their old cell phones to benefit the environment and the school. Later this year, the school will select another brigade.

DCS Montessori says they are excited about this program and encourage all to send in any and all of your old cell phones to be recycled. Soon, our old Ziploc containers and cell phones will be made into great products sold all over the country!” said a representative at DCS Montessori.

Participation in most TerraCycle brigades is free. They pay the shipping for every unit of waste and at least two cents to a charity or school of choice.

For more information about TerraCycle or to view the many great items offered, visit For information about DCS Montessori, visit



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