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Dirt dumping in RidgeGate; FasTracks update

By Patte Smith

The excavation and dirt dumping at the southwest corner of South Havana and RidgeGate Parkway is an approved plan by the City of Lone Tree. The dirt being dumped is from previous and current construction sites in Lone Tree.

Tentative plans for this site include a large-capacity parking garage for the southeast FasTracks, but at this time there is no plan for construction of the garage.

Regional Transportation District (RTD) submitted the initial application for federal New Starts funding in September. This is the first of several submissions that are required as RTD works through the federal funding process.

At the same time, it is conducting the environmental work necessary to receive federal funding. The Southeast Rail Extension Team plans to hold a public meeting to present the results of the environmental research early next year.

FasTrack officials have stated that there is no plan in the works for the FasTracks line to continue down to Castle Rock.

Once the site is filled at this location, it will be compacted and graded and the ground stabilized with seeding and mulch, pending development in the future.

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