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Distinguished author publishes fourth book

By Patte Smith; photo courtesy of Dr. Jacqueline Shuler

Why do kids scribble? Why do they paint blue cats and green people? Should a parent help their preschooler learn to draw? What is wrong with coloring books? Find the answers to these intriguing questions along with a lot of delightful photos of toddlers creating art in an extraordinary new book Understanding Preschool Art; From Scribbles to Self-esteem, by Dr. Jacqueline Shuler.

Shuler’s 40 years of experience teaching art on every learning level resulted in this straight-forward handbook focused on the meaning and progress of children’s art. Colorful examples of preschoolers experiencing the world of imagination and experimentation are featured in the book. Additional chapters deal with practical tools and materials, enhancement of the learning environment, and encouragement of creativity for preschoolers.

Grandparents, parents, and teachers will welcome this do-it-yourself handbook explaining the drawings and paintings created by tiny hands. Adults will feel new confidence in talking with children about their art, knowing that these conversations really encourage creativity.

“Allowing children to experiment with art increases their creative abilities – some children are more visual,” notes Shuler. “Preschoolers have pure creative potential. Early toddler drawings are not of the outside world, but their world. Parents, teachers and adults need to let them evolve with their own creative development. We have to support this natural creative process.”

A grandmother and a professional art educator with three degrees in Art Education, including a doctorate from Carnegie Mellon University, Shuler retired from teaching graphic design and digital photography at Rock Canyon High School. She now spends her time focusing on writing, calligraphy, graphic design, and painting. She has a real passion for inspiring creativity in every individual, no matter what the age.

A resident of Surrey Ridge, Shuler’s book is dedicated to the education of adults for early childhood development of creativity. Last year, she published an interactive DVD called “Learning Italic Calligraphy, Step-by-Step.” Shuler’s books and DVD are available at and also on her website at, which features her publications, original calligraphy, and paintings.



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