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Donate freely; dispose responsibly

Stacked up old TVs and a computer table left outside the Help & Hope Center after hours. These items will cost the Center several hundred dollars to recycle them using funds that are needed to help individuals and families who are struggling. Please do not leave items such as these at nonprofit organizations.

By Patte Smith, photo courtesy of Help & Hope Center

In talking with Dan Marlow, the executive director of the Help & Hope Center (HHC) in Castle Rock, he emphasized his appreciation of the much-needed donations they receive from many generous individuals in the Castle Pines community. Whether donations are food, household goods, clothing, money or volunteer hours, Douglas and Elbert county neighbors who need assistance are many times able to receive it from the HHC.

One important branch of HHC is the Treasures Thrift Store that helps fund the organization with the profits from the store’s shoppers. The thrift store welcomes donations on specific days and times – these are listed on their website. It also includes a list of acceptable and unacceptable items that can be donated.

Lately, unacceptable items (like large, old TVs) have been dropped off after hours. The cost of disposal for the HHC is significant, and additional money has to be raised to have these items hauled off – funds that could be used to help their clients.

“I don’t think most people realize the cost we incur to recycle those items, especially TVs, that can cost as much as $300 [each],” stated Marlow. “That is money that takes away from our ability to help our neighbors in need!”

Please, please, do not leave unacceptable items after hours at the HHC or other local nonprofits. Be considerate in how and what you choose to donate. Visit for information on scheduled donation days and times and a list of donations that are allowed.

This is a common occurrence at many nonprofit drop-off sites. The Goodwill donation center in Castle Pines struggles with items being left after hours, especially when there is bad weather. While many of the items are acceptable, the door is blocked with goods stacked in front of it. The staff is very cooperative and will help individuals get items into the store during business hours. There are specific centers that do accept large items. Visit to learn more about donating goods.

Items that are NOT accepted at the Help & Hope Center

TVs and computers – these cost the center a significant amount to recycle, which cuts into the ability to serve its clients
Skis and ski equipment
Car seats and cribs
Mattresses and box springs
Bed pillows
Used humidifiers
Light fixtures or fixtures removed from homes
Chemical products
Large appliances
Large exercise equipment
Anything that does not work
Anything damaged, stained, broken, torn which cannot be sold
Furniture is taken on a space available basis; please call the store to find out if we have space for furniture daily 



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