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Fencing fever strikes DCS Montessori

The fencing group at DCMS under the leadership of national fencing competitor, Eva Heinrich, came home with six medals from their first tournament on December 15.

DCSM fencing students show their moves (left to right) Shaun Hicks,
Jaden Sherman, Charlie Crockett, Tiernan Frieburger, Remy Salinas, and
Katlyn Hicks.

Submitted by Jodi Anderson; photos courtesy of DCSM

What sport is considered the second fastest Olympic sport and the second safest sport in the world? Fencing. At DCS Montessori (DCSM), students can choose from many after school activities, everything from cooking to a new favorite – fencing.

Offered by the Fencing Academy of Denver, students not only learned something new, some discovered a passion. With a language and terminology all its own, fencing appears alien from the outside. To those on the inside, it is a gateway to self discipline and amazing fun.

From the safety gear worn, helmet/face guard to torso and leg guards, to the equipment sabre, fencing is a unique sport.

Fencing is the perfect melding of intentional foot and body movements joined with precise motions with the sabre to score points against an opponent by finding a way past their defenses.

In December, a group of students in the fencing class competed in their first tournament under the coaching guidance of Eva Heinrich, a national competitor in fencing. Amazingly, the group came home with six medals.

When asked, the students all agreed that one of the main things that drew them to fencing was the fun. Other reasons given were learning, being with friends, getting out there, and that it helped with the footwork needed in soccer.

Next time you are faced with an activity or a sport you haven’t tried before, remember what these students learned. It might be more than a simple learning experience, it might be fun and a new life-long interest. En garde!



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