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Increased homes proposed for The Canyons Planned Development

Pictured above: Map of the proposed additional homes added (2nd amendment) to The Canyons Planned Development.

By Bryan Goodland; map courtesy of North Canyons, LLLP

In July, North Canyons, LLLP submitted a 2nd amendment to The Canyons Planned Development (PD) in Castle Pines, requesting allowance for an additional 1,500 residential units to be developed. This follows the 1st amendment (submitted in March), which allowed for an additional 1,000 units.

The City of Castle Pines originally annexed The Canyons in 2009. The 3,342-acre space was initially approved for 2,500 dwelling units (with an additional 2.1 million square feet to be allowed for commercial space, including retail). If approved, the 2nd amendment would bring the total allowable dwelling units to 5,000 units – double the initial approved allowance.

According to the PD amendment, a portion of the dwelling units would change from “residential – rural” (single family) to “residential” (single family and/or multifamily, including apartments and condominiums). A variety of housing types, including single family, attached single family and multi-family dwelling units are allowed and encouraged within each planning area. Age restricted neighborhoods are also allowable.

The nonresidential space is capped at 2.1 million square feet, and the amendment reinforces that all provisions from the original proposal remain in effect.

Along with the development of the residential dwellings and the commercial space, there are further provisions for the development of the land, including removing a golf course as an option for the open space and providing for an additional high school. The high school would allow for enrollment of up to 2,500 students.

As a provision of the amendment, the developer would be required to donate 167.5 additional acres to the City of Castle Pines to be used for open space and park facilities.

The traffic study for the new amendment took into consideration the addition of 1,500 homes and the likelihood that a high school serving up to 2,500 students would be added.

The traffic study also revealed that a total of 59,800 external vehicle trips from the surrounding area would occur daily. The numbers represent trips considering residents, retail and other factors. Additional figures were calculated for the addition of the high school, which would add to the internal traffic volumes (estimated at 16,230 vehicle trips at the completion of Phase II of the build-out). Of course, traffic volumes would fluctuate throughout the day with peaks in the morning and evening when work traffic is at its height.

To lessen the traffic impact to current and future residents, intersection improvements, traffic signals and new lanes are recommended. One phase that is proposed in the amendment is to connect Canyonside Boulevard with Crowfoot Valley Road, creating a new four-lane road. This expansion was also recommended in Douglas County’s 2030 plan to improve transportation as the area continues to grow.

Water, utilities and other services
The Parker Water & Sanitation District is the water provider for The Canyons development and has submitted a “will serve” letter, indicating it has the ability and desire to fulfill the water requirements of the amendment to the PD. Likewise, South Metro Fire Rescue, Castle Rock Fire Department, IREA and Black Hills Energy have submitted similar letters.

The City of Castle Pines currently has a little over 10,000 residents spread out over an area of just under 10 square miles. In general, the housing density for the city is about 1.7 units per acre, depending on what part of the city you are in. The Canyons development, upon completion, will have a density of about 1.5 units per acre.

The 2nd amendment is currently under review by City staff and has been sent out for referral and comment to surrounding agencies, communities and HOAs. To review all the documents relating to the amendment, visit



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