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Know your why

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.
– Simon Sinek

By Michelle Post

What seems to be a simple question sometimes turns out to be a difficult one. I discovered Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk many years ago on how great leaders inspire. And the answer is, they know their why.

Sinek says the most successful businesses know their why, too. Your “why” could also be referred to as your purpose, your belief, your cause, or your passion. Do you know your why?

How do you discover your why? Begin with asking specific questions, reflect on the questions, answer the questions, and finally validate your answers with others who know you and your business.

Why am I doing this?
Why am I in business?
Why does my business exist?
Why is my business where it is today?
Why is my business good at what it does?
What do people say about my business?
What am I good at?

Once you have discovered your why, the universe seems to make sense. Each day matters. You live in the now of every moment. Business becomes purpose driven and not a drudgery. And knowing your why applies not only to your business, but to your personal life as well.



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