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Landscape Improvements Underway

These photos are conceptual and intended to display before (below) and after (above) examples of an area to be redesigned with Xeriscape features. (Photos courtesy Norris Design.)

By Denise Bassett, Castle Pines North Metro District

Landscape Master Plan –

Construction plans for Phase One of the District’s Landscape Master Plan are currently being drawn up by Norris Design and, when completed, will be sent out for bid. Staff will review the submitted bids and present their findings to the master landscape plan committee and CPNMD board of directors. The four-year master landscaping plan will create a unique and distinctive identity for areas throughout the Castle Pines North community. The master landscape plan committee includes representatives of the CPNMD Board of Directors, the City Council and the Master Homeowners’ Association along with three Castle Pines North citizens.

Plans underway for community xeriscape demonstration garden

With construction of the 16-inch force main extension completed, the next phase of the project is to re-landscape the impacted area. The timing could not be better for CPNMD to fulfill a long-standing goal in establishing a Xeriscape demonstration garden as a living example of how water efficient plant selection and attractive landscaping go hand-in-hand.

Xeriscaping uses a variety of low water use plants and shrubs to create attractive and eye-catching expanses filled with vibrant colors and textures. Signage will identify plant materials making it easy for visitors to get ideas for personal and neighborhood gardens.

What was once a 1.5-acre area of Kentucky bluegrass will be replanted with one-half acre of Kentucky bluegrass, and the remaining area with native grasses and a xeric shrub area. CPNMD has asked Norris Design to create a design for the Xeriscape demonstration garden and surrounding area that will be consistent with the Landscape Master Plan.

For more information about the landscape master plan, contact the Metro District at 303-688-8550.



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