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Lifelong golfer hits a hole-in-one

By Carin R. Kirkegaard; photos courtesy of Kurtis Klein

Photo of Kurtis Klein

After golfing for 55 years, Kurtis Klein finally nailed his hole-in-one, a par 3 on the 17th hole of The Country Club at Castle Pines.

Many people look at 2020 as a year they hope to leave in the rearview mirror. That’s not the case for resident of The Village at Castle Pines and lifelong golfer Kurtis Klein. For him, two very important life events took place in 2020 – the birth of his first grandchild and hitting a hole-in-one.

On May 29 as part of a foursome, Kurtis was golfing the course at The Country Club at Castle Pines (CCCP). He teed off from the 17th hole, and from 150 yards he watched his ball, as if in slow motion, hang in the air and then roll down the hill toward the pin. “I think you’re short,” said one of his friends in the foursome. Kurtis admitted he really thought the ball hadn’t gone in the hole. With new COVID-19 safety precautions, each hole has a basket-like insert that prevents the ball from completely dropping down into the hole. From the distance, Kurtis and his buddies couldn’t quite tell if the ball was in the hole or sitting nicely beside it. When they drove the cart down – needless to say – there was much to celebrate.

Photo of Kurtis and Sally Klein celebrating their 35th

Kurtis and Sally Klein celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs.

According to CCCP etiquette, when a golfer hits a hole-in-one, the lucky person buys drinks for everyone at the club that day. Many clubs, including CCCP, offer members the opportunity to build-up insurance for their eventual hole-in-one. Kurtis had declined to take the insurance, saying he imagined he’d never need it. He has no regrets though. When he got back to the clubhouse, he called his wife, Sally, and told her he had some good news and some bad news – he got a hole-in-one, and there was going to be a big tab from the club.

“After 55 years of golfing, to finally get a hole-in-one, do you think I was worried about a bar tab?” laughed Kurtis, retelling the story.

Kurtis and Sally have loved Colorado since Kurtis’ first job out of college brought them to Boulder. Kurtis, now retired from the pharmaceutical industry, has traveled all over the U.S. and he and his family have called many cities home. When they left Boulder, he and Sally always had it in their mind to eventually retire in Colorado.

ThePhoto of Klein family first grandchild

The Klein family welcomed their first grandchild in February. Titus is pictured above sitting between pugs, Otis and Sashie.

It was on a golf trip to Castle Pines with some colleagues 10 years ago that they made the commitment that brought them back. While golfing the CCCP course, specifically when he was teeing off from the 4th hole and looking out at the snow-capped mountains along the front range, Kurtis pulled out his phone and called Sally. He told her no pressure, but that he wanted her to fly out and just look at this beautiful place, and so she did. Kurtis brought Sally, who is usually quite measured, out to the 4th hole and she said, “I get it … let’s do it!” That day, they bought a plot of land and started making plans for their new home in The Village.

Two decades, two daughters, two pugs and a grandson later, Kurtis remains an active member of CCCP. He served three years on the board of directors, during which time he was instrumental in bringing the current renovations that the club is undergoing to fruition. Forever a golfer, Kurtis, who has golfed some of the most renowned courses in the country, lists the course at CCCP in his top five.



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