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Local elk herd spotted throughout the community

By Carin R. Kirkegaard; photos courtesy of Julie Lamb

Elk Castle Pines CO

The Castle Pines community has many amenities to offer residents, including natural trails, breathtaking views and a variety of wildlife. Neighboring Cherokee Ranch & Castle is home to roughly 1,000 elk. As fall turns to winter, vegetation for the local herd is scarce, which is why residents have been catching glimpses of the elk grazing on the greens at The Ridge golf course and crossing roads in the community. The greater Castle Pines area is considered the winter range for the herd. A winter range is an area that animals use during the winter months to find food, water and cover from predators. The elk are expected to be in and around the community through March, or until the weather breaks for spring.

Traffic stopped on Monarch Boulevard to allow more than 100 elk to cross.



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