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Metro District to Begin Landscape Projects on Monarch Boulevard

The Metro District has developed plans to implement major landscaping improvements along the main roadways in Castle Pines North. The majority of the projects for 2004 will be located along Monarch Blvd., with minor projects planned for Castle Pines Parkway.

“We recognize the importance of improving the landscaping along Monarch,” said Metro District Manager Judy Dahl. “This is the newest area of our community and the projects planned will greatly enhance one of the major entrances into our community.”

Landscaping plans for the Monarch Blvd. area will include the following intersections:

· Forty-four trees will be placed along a quarter mile section on both sides of Monarch Blvd., an eighth-of-a-mile north and south of the intersection of Stonedale Dr. and Briarcliff Dr.

· Twenty-two trees, along with other landscape improvements, will be placed south of Hidden Pointe Blvd., and on both sides of Monarch Blvd.

· Thirty-seven trees, along with other landscape improvements, will be placed along the east side of Monarch Blvd., from Berganot to Briardale Drive

The landscape improvements will include installation of native grass, a variety of shrubs, irrigation systems and 100 trees. A variety of trees will be planted along Monarch including: Ponderosa Pines, Cottonwoods, Elms, Sumac, Newport Plum, American Redbud, Crab Apple, Honey Locust and Ash. Evergreen trees will not be used along Monarch since they shade streets and cause ice buildup in the winter months.

Medians along Castle Pines Parkway will also receive new irrigations systems and juniper shrubs. Drivers are urged to use caution along Monarch Blvd. during the summer landscaping projects. Landscape workers will begin the project in late July or early August.

While the Metro District improves our main roadways, landscaping projects within each neighborhood are the responsibility of each HOA. “If you want to see landscaping improvements in your neighborhood, attend your HOA board meeting and voice your opinions,” said Dahl. “The Metro District is only responsible for the major thoroughfares within the community.”

Master Association Contributes to Landscaping Projects

The total cost of the landscaping improvement project is estimated at $250,000. Funds for the project come from property taxes and contributions from the Master Association.

Four percent of total dues to the Master Association, (or $8.20 per year, per household), are designated for “Community Improvements.” The Master Association has contributed $40,000 in dues to the Metro District since 2002, specifically for landscaping improvement projects.

“We are very excited to see Master Association dues contribute to beautification of our neighborhood,” said Master Association President Linda Nuzum. “Monarch is now one of the main entrances into our community and this landscaping will greatly benefit our area.”

For more information about the landscaping projects, please contact the Metro District at 303-688-8550.



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