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Prom: A changing and fun tradition

By Karissa Kelly, intern writer

As April rolls around, teenagers all over anxiously await what they hope will be the best night of their high school careers: Prom. Though, it seems prom is not simply a fun and relaxed evening anymore. Today, prom is a multi-billion dollar industry and much has changed from the past.

“It costs a ton. Guys have to buy tickets, dinner, corsages, and rent a tux. Girls have to buy expensive dresses and get their hair, nails, and makeup done which is expensive too. And there’s a lot of pressure to get a date and for everything to go perfectly, and to look perfect. It’s really stressful.” These are just a few comments from a senior attending Castle View High School (CVHS), among many other very similar claims.

Sandy, a 1985 high school graduate, explained what her prom experience was like compared to the proms nowadays. She pointed out that prom used to be way less expensive. The tickets were cheap and dinner was provided at the dance. Today, students insist upon eating out at nice restaurants before heading to the dance which is usually held at a stadium.

Sandy went on to say that the dresses worn now are much more flattering than they used to be, describing how most were homemade or just really cheap. “But girls didn’t feel like they had to get the most beautiful dress. And they certainly didn’t go to get their hair, makeup, and nails done.” Today, “looking perfect” is reported by countless students to be one of the most stressful things about prom. Girls spend a significant amount of money and time to look extraordinary. Nicole Rowland, a twelfth grader at CVHS, exclaimed that she has seen girls spend around $800 on their prom dresses.

There is evidently a good deal of competition among female students, but male students also have some competition of their own. “Girls like to be asked to prom in cute ways, and might say no if it’s not cute enough,” announced Spencer, a senior thinking of how he will soon need to ask his girlfriend.

Sandy doesn’t remember guys asking in any dramatic ways for her prom. “There wasn’t as much pressure because being asked wasn’t a
big deal.”

Although the traditions of prom have changed in numerous ways during the years, anyone who has ever been, long ago or recent, shares one common opinion and that is: “It’s a blast!” The prom-goers of this generation say that the extra expenses, stress, and efforts are worth it in the end, because sure enough, prom is one of the best nights they experience.



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