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Rocky Heights Middle School bids farewell

Gary Ewing is retiring from Rocky Heights Middle School after serving as the head of security for the past ten years. His warmth and genuine kindness toward the staff, parents, and students will be greatly missed.

Article and photo by Amy Shanahan

They may not know him by name, but any parent who has dropped off or picked up their child from Rocky Heights Middle School (RHMS) during the past ten years, is familiar with Gary Ewing. Ewing stands at the parking lot crosswalk each morning and afternoon and ushers the students safely across the street to the front of the school.

Ewing’s infectious smile, kind words, and pats on the shoulder will be dearly missed when he retires in May. Ewing started as a security guard at RHMS when the school opened in 2003, and he has been a fixture ever since. “I’ve seen a lot of people come and go over the years,” Ewing stated. “The beginning of the year is my favorite. I enjoy seeing all of the new sixth graders come in.”

Ewing grew up as one of ten children on a farm in Iowa and is still a huge fan of the University of Iowa Hawkeyes. Ewing retired from Hormel foods in Wisconsin before relocating to Colorado with his wife Inez in order to be near two of his four children and his grandchildren. Three of his grandchildren attend or have attended RHMS, and Ewing has enjoyed being close to them.

“Rocky Heights is a super school,” remarked Ewing. “These kids are very lucky to be at a school of this caliber with everything it offers.” Ewing is looking forward to spending time around his house reading and working in the garden, and is excited to take some short road trips with his wife.

Ewing will be missed by the RHMS staff, parents, and students alike. Jeannette Von Lembke is a parent at RHMS who has volunteered a great deal at the school, and she summed up what many feel: “Mr. Gary Ewing is the kindest person you will ever meet. He is the first person the students see in the morning, making sure they get into the school safely. At lunch time, he walks around the cafeteria making sure everybody has something to eat. He is the last person the students see as they leave school in the afternoon, wishing them a great afternoon.  Mr. Ewing will be greatly missed!”



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